Welcome to the II World Judo Games

To: All Judoka

From: World Judo Games organizing committee

Re: World Judo Games 2018 (Bulgaria)

Скачать программу Всемирных дзюдо игр 2018 (лист 1)

Скачать программу Всемирных дзюдо игр 2018 (лист 2)

Dear Judoka People!

The World Judo Games organizing committee wants to bring to your attention to a chance to participate in the judo event in Bulgaria. The committee invites all Judoka competitors to participate in the open tournament of II World Judo Games 2018.

World Judo Games includes all age divisions from 7 years of age and older. The tournament also includes a training camp, giving everyone in attendance the opportunity to practice and learn more about JUDO and wrestling skills. The rules and regulations of the tournament will follow standard international refereeing rules, with some changes and additions of organizing committee of WJG.

Dates: June 15 – June 22, 2018

Locations: Sports hall "Vasil Levski": Bulgaria, Pazardzhik, Vasil Levski Square
Park "Island Liberty": Bulgaria, Pazardzhik, Stephane Stambolov Blvd.

Registration: Registration form available at worldjudogames.com

Contact Information: For more information about the tournament, forms, regulations and hotels you can learn at worldjudogames.com or you can contact tournament organizers by phone or email: worldjudogames@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +7 (926) 235-4679 (Roman Karasev) for Russia and CIS +359 (898) 72-6423 (Georgi Georgiev) for Europe and world